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On 30th of december last year I decided to make a one day travel to bratislava. I had luck and it was a quite sunny warm day. I took my camera with me with the intention to take no pictures. Yes, you read: no pictures. I had no idea what I wanted to photograph and I admit (now official) that I hated photographing at that time at all. So I had a camera  which I did not want to use. It was not like that: I had an inner fight: I wanted to take no pics but I did. And I hated the pics, I took. I felt really sick of how I took them and everything around. I deleted all on the camera. I never wanted to get in touch with them in future. After some time I felt a change: I started to love the clouds in the sky. They made bratislava so special for me. These pictures travelled with me back to vienna.

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